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A modern home should be able to provide all the luxuries needed to relax after a tiring day. You don’t need a fortune to furnish your home because at Idea88 futon company uk you get the best quality Futons, Futon Mattresses, Futon Bases, Sofa Beds, Replacemet Covers, SlipCovers, Chair Beds and a lot more at prices that can be easily afforded. You can’t have enough furniture to accommodate large gatherings because a house doesn’t need to look like a marriage hall. With portable furniture you can easily provide seats and even mattresses and clean up everything to make the house look back to normal when the guests leave.

Having Futons in your home can prove to be a blessing when you are celebrating a child’s birthday. Our collection of water resistant Futons and Futon Mattresses can handle all the spillage without you worrying about it. The easy to clean fabric can be wiped instantly or even after the party is finished. Stains do not stick long on our fabrics. You can also take them off to wash them and then there’s always the option of Replacement & Slip Covers. So, you buy the products once from us and make use of it for a lifetime without worrying of them ageing.

Our online futons shop is frequently updated to provide you with the latest in futons sofa bed and chair bed options, and will help you find the perfect item to decorate your children’s bedroom at any occasion. Get in touch with our dedicated customer service to resolve any query, or give us a suggestion by calling (0121) 359 4733. You can also email us at support@idea88.co.uk. We provide you with a world of valuable information on the latest and trendy home futons which you need to make you bedrooms soaring to the next level.